An important aim of the Transport Forum is to work towards achieving greater accountability of our Government monopoly transport system providers. This will require examination of current planning processes to identify deficiencies and seek improvements.

A high priority of this site is to allow opportunity for community interaction in an area that, despite transport being of such vital importance to the regions economic and social welfare, so far, does not have a matching level of advocacy. In connection with trunk road and highway development we believe the following are in need of attention:


  • An expressway road crossing of the Blue Mountains GWH Text


  • A Great Western Highway bypass of Lithgow   Lithgow Bypass


  • A combined Great Western Highway/Mid Western Highway/Mitchell Highway bypass of Bathurst Bathurst B/P MAP


  • A Mitchell Highway bypass of Orange    Orange Bypass   Bypass Map


  • A combined Mitchell/Newell Highway bypass of Dubbo


  • A Mid Western Highway Bypass of Cowra Cowra Bypass Cowra Map  

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